Bicycle Basket Cover – FAQ

Why did you make a Bicycle Basket Cover?

We made our covers because when it rains everything gets wet, including your purse, computer bag, groceries etc. Our cover protects your basket from the elements as well as keeping them safe during your ride.

Why do you have three models? A front,side and back basket cover?

Front, side  and back baskets are very different in size and shape. Some people prefer to have their things in front of them, while some prefer to use the side  or a back basket which is bigger and more suitable for backpacks and computer bags. Front, side and back baskets are also different in how they attach to the bicycle which is why we made a three different models of our basket covers.

Bicycle Basket coverBicycle Basket Cover


What are your Bicycle Basket Covers made of?

Our Bicycle Basket covers are made of Polyester Twill fabric which is coated with a PU membrane. The fabric is 200gsm which means it it thick and durable.

Are your Bicycle Basket Covers waterproof?

Yes to a point. Nothing is completely waterproof unless it is made of plastic. Our covers have a PU coating which are waterproof up to 10 000 mm. We have tested them in heavy rain and they kept our contents dry however if it rains heavily for many hours. water may penetrate through.

How do you attach the Bicycle Basket Covers?

The Bicycle Basket Covers are attached at the back with a velcro strap and elastic strings with removable plastic hooks. The hooks can be attached to the pannier frame or if you often take your basket off your bicycle then we suggest that you attach the hooks together.

How does the security tab work?

There are 2 security tabs on each Bicycle Basket Cover one at the top and one at the bottom. With the security tab a small lock or a Ziptie can be used to securely attach the cover to the bicycle basket. This will make it much harder to steal.

Can I take my side basket off my bicycle when I have the cover on?

Yes, you can easily take your side basket off and bring it with you by unzipping the zipper and taking out the handle. If you plan to take your basket on and off your bicycle often then attach the plastic hooks together instead of attaching them to the pannier frame.


Bicycle Basket Cover

My plastic hook has fallen off, what do I do?

The plastic hooks are made to be removable so that you can adjust the length of the string if needed. If the plastic hook comes off when pulling then you can cut the string slightly and reattach the hook. Make sure you turn the bottom part so that if catches – you will hear a click. Then the hooks is attached again.

Bicycle Basket Cover