Buy an Electric Bike! Sweden’s new cycling strategy

Though some critics may be calling Sweden’s new cycling strategy weak, it has been seventeen years since the last one was implemented, and I for one am happy that cycling and cyclists are getting some focus in Sweden again.

The national plan consists of focusing on long term sustainable transport, solutions for greener cities, healthier citizens and environmental impact. The government will invest 100 million on this extra cycling effort and will review cycling rules and traffic analysis to try to increase the number of cyclists and make cycling easier and safer for all.

In their bid to increase the number of cyclists the government is allocating SEK 350 million per year 2018-2020 to an electric vehicle premium for the purchase of electric bicycle or electric motor. This means that large groups of potential bicycle commuters will be able to access electric bicycles and make it easier to choose cycling as an alternative to car travel.  The contribution shall be valid retroactively from 20 September 2017 and gives you 25% off your purchase of an electric bicycle, here are some of our favorites!

Moustach Lundi – Comfortable, fun to ride and great for commuting. The Lundi in bright green perfect for the winter blues. Find it at EloVelo
Batavus Torino – A dutch cyclechic beauty that is easy to look at and easy to ride. Find it at BatBike
Skeppshult  cykEL 7 – A light, high quality bicycle  from a classic Swedish brand. Made for commuting. Find it at Cykelkillarna
Crescent Ella – A stylish bike  and easy on the budget too! Find it at Ågrens Cykel