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WKNDR Bikepack Grau


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Looking for a hardwearing bicycle bag that packs a lot of volume but also works as a backpack when you arrive?

WKNDR Bikepack Grey holds 18L volume, in a large open compartment and can be worn comfortably as a backpack off the bike.

Waterproof fabric, expandable capacity, multiuse pockets and a zippered closure keeps valuables safe even when the bag is fully packed.

Get going quickly with effortless attachment and confidence that your bag is safe. Rixen Kaul Vario hooks provides a secure and reliable connection to your bike’s rack, every time.

Enjoy the freedom of exploring by bike and foot, knowing WKNDR Bikepack Grey is always with you.

Attaching the bag

Rixen Kaul Vario hooks are hidden under a padded flap for comfort when wearing. These high quality hooks are spring loaded so they click securely onto your rack and the bag cannot be easily removed. The center lock folds out for add extra security. Vario hooks hold up to 10KG and are expandable up to 16mm to fit different rack widths.

  • Material: 100% Recycled Polyester Ripstop PU coating 5K PFC Free DWR
  • Volume: 18 L
  • Dimensions: W 14cm L 30 cm H 40 cm  – Height Expanded Bag 50 cm
  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • Black rubberised snaps Reach Standard
  • Back Rubberised Brass Hardware Reach Standard
  • YKK Inner zippered pocket
  • YKK Outer zippered pocket
  • Rixen kaul Vario Hooks hold 10KG


Snap the shoulder straps in front of the bag when cycling

Gewicht1 kg
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  1. Perfect bag, ideal size, good workmanship! Quickly shipped to Germany! Directly in use on my trip to Sweden and Kobenhavn!

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