Påhoj – A bike seat and stroller in one!

We are very lucky to live in small town with a big bicycling community. This community has some  wonderfully innovative people creating amazing products and we just have to share that with you. So here is an introduction to Lycke Von Shantz and Påhoj – a Stoller and Bike Seat in one.


It started, as many creative ideas do, with problem solving. Lycke Von Shantz was working on her thesis as an industrial designer and was searching for the ultimate problem to solve. Her search led to a conversation with her mother, who voiced her frustration about the many times when she was bicycling around with a small child in a child seat and no options to transport the child after you arrive.

This challenge was very interesting to Lycke. She says ‘’ An ordinary bicycle with a bike seat attached is a fantastic way to get around with your child. No need to use fuel, fresh air and exercise — all in one. But what option do you have when you have arrived at your destination and need to walk around? Do you carry your child the entire time?’’

An Idea was born! To create a stroller and bike seat in one. It’s name is Påhoj which means ”On Bike” in Swedish. This idea took time to manifest as Lycke had other design projects with large international companies like Ikea, Marcel Wanders and Nokia on the go.

In 2014 Lycke decided to go all in and work fulltime to make Påhoj, the ultimate solution to parents biking with children, a reality.

She joined the MINC Incubator program in Malmö to gain control of the entire chain from production to sale. The most important thing has been to find her way and herself in the product and the production of Påhoj and create a sustainable business.

Finding investors, like any startup entrepreneur knows, can be tough , but Lycke rose to the challenge and pitched Påhoj at a startup funding event in Stockholm, gaining investors and confidence in the process.

This year she won the Eurobike Gold Award and Startup Award where the judges said ‘’ the concept is simply brilliant!’’ We agree with them and we look forward to cheering on Lycke and Påhoj as they take the next steps towards production. You can hope to see happy parents and children on bikes with Påhoj sometime in 2018.

Check out Påhoj’s Website and instagram for the latest updates.