Weathergoods Pogies

Pogies: a must have for your winter bicycle ride!

For those of you unfamiliar with Pogies they have been used for a while in more extreme cycling and sport cycling.  They have also been used for ski dos and mopeds. So what are they? Well they are basically a muff or a large glove that you attach to the handlebars of your bicycle, moped or other vehicle. They cover the whole handle, brake and gears. You brake and change gears inside the pogie and take your hands out to signal.

How do they work?

Pogies are not traditional gloves. They work by creating a micro climate of warm air inside the glove. The warmth of your hands warms up the air inside of the glove as you ride meaning your hands get warmer the longer you ride as opposed to getting colder.

Why do you need them?

There are quite a few brands selling pogies for sports cycling but not so many that are focused on urban cycling. Why not? A 5k bike ride to work or the station definitely means your hand will be raw from the cold. Even in the spring or fall, bicycling early in the morning before sunrise is chilly. You are constantly battling wind, and your handlebars get progressively colder as you go.


WEATHERGOODS pogies are designed for the urban market. They are stylish, with discreet reflective details but still functional. Our gloves are filled with 360 grams of thermal polyfill for warmth and made out of PU coated polyester to make them waterproof. We have a model for a curved handlebar found on city bikes and a straight handle bar on hybrids and mountain bikes. A faux fur cuff gives a more fashionable look while our sherpa cuff gives our pogies a more Scandinavian, unisex style.

Weathergoods pogies or bicycle gloves

We know what you are thinking…

…surely they will get stolen if I leave them on my bike. Well we did think of that and we added a safety tab on the inside of each glove. This means if you plan to leave them on your bike for the season (which we encourage you to do) you can use a ziptie and secure them to the handlebars.  Someone would have to work pretty hard with a sharp pair of scissors to get them off.

WEATHERGOODS Bicycle Gloves- Straight showing safety tab