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Visibility is a big issue for all cyclists in the darker months of the year, and wearing or using reflective products can help. With Weathergoods Luna Reflective Accessories, we have taken some of our most popular urban cycling accessories and added a silver twist to make you more visible to others on the road while cycling.

Reflective materials are making their way in to more and more fashion accessories and apparel for the urban cyclist and daily pedestrian and not only is this a necessity but also gives us a chance to find some fun ways of visibility in the darker part of the day without the dreaded neon yellow reflective vest.
Reflectivity works by returning the light to the source, and is especially effective if the reflective area is moving so as to alert the eye of the person behind the light source( aka car). So wearing or having some extra reflective details on person and your bike is the best way for the urban cyclist to be seen in the dark.
In our Luna Reflective Collection we have used a Bluesign polyester fabric with a dwr and 10k waterproof lamination. Reflective lamination in two patterns and pure silver reflective fabric creates a fun way to add functionality while still remaining stylish.


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