Why a Rain Poncho is an essential addition to your 2018 wardrobe

Yes there are skeptics out there but for a quick and easy fix when you get caught in a downpour there really is nothing better than a Rain poncho or Rain cape as they are also known. But that’s not the only thing a poncho is good for. Here are 5 reasons why a Rain Poncho is a must have addition to your wardrobe.

It’s so Versatile!

Rain Ponchos are a great alternative to a full rain set (rain jacket and pants) as they are quick and easy to put on and can be stowed in your bag for when that unexpected shower hits. Many of us who bicycle everyday don’t always want to wear a rain jacket every time there is any slight chance of rain (which in our case is pretty much everyday) and this is where a poncho is so versatile.  Because of its size, it can be worn over your existing coat, jacket, sweater and used in any season whether it is warm or cold. It can even cover your backpack or shoulder bag making it extra useful by keeping both you and your belongings dry!

The Comfort factor!

Just because it is raining doesn’t mean it is freezing and we all know it can get hot when bicycling. A rain poncho has a major advantage when it comes to comfort as it is open on the sides making it much cooler and more comfortable than rain pants and jackets (which can get quite sweaty if they are not made of breathable fabric). This is a bonus when biking as the poncho acts as a wind cover but the heat generated from exercise has somewhere to disappear to. Sometimes we wear it just for its warming wind protection even when it is not raining. Protects without the sweat!

Great Coverage!

Rain ponchos also give great coverage when biking and are perfect for those of us who don’t like the hassle of rain pants. Two hand flaps are sewn inside so that the poncho can be draped over your handlebars and your hands still hold onto the handlebar and can steer. This creates a cover over your legs and feet which keeps them dry. Yes in extremely windy weather it can rain from all sides and angles but in vertical rain your feet will be better off in a poncho than in rain pants any day.

It Travels So Well!

Bring a rain poncho with you on your next trip and you won’t regret it. It packs down really small both in your luggage and your day pack and can be useful for so many activities. Biking, hiking, riding, safari, or just walking around your favourite city.


Ponchos and capes are in! You see them more and more in fashion and outerwear these days. A stylish, comfortable, versatile garment – who could ask for anything more.