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Orders & payment

How do I place an order?
To place an order, choose the item or items you wish to buy and place in your cart. When you have finished shopping choose CHECK OUT and you will be taken to another screen. There you can choose your payment method and fill in your information. Once you have done this click PLACE ORDER and you will receive and order confirmation to the email address you supplied.
I get an error message when I try to pay with my credit card?
Please contact your bank to solve this issue
Has my order been processed?
Once you have placed your order you should receive an order confirmation to the email address you supplied. If you have received the confirmation then you order has been processed and your items will be shipped. If you have not received an order confirmation, first check you junk mail. Otherwise your order may not have gone through and in that case please contact us.
Is Credit Card information secure?
To pay for your item, choose the debit/credit card you want to pay with in the checkout and fill in the required information. No extra costs will be added apart from delivery fees.
We use CertiTrade AB Handelsbanken payment solution for the processing of card payments, VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Eurocard.
Shipping & Delivery

How do you ship items?
We ship all packages with DHL. Once your order is confirmed, the item will be packed and sent to the DHL service point nearest your delivery address.
What are the shipping charges?
Our shipping charges are listed on the website when you place your order.
Where will my order be delivered/can I track my order?
Your order will be delivered to the address you supply. We send you the tracking number for DHL when we have sent you your package. If you fill out your mobile number you will receive a SMS-notification. You can track your order on
How long will it take?
Normal delivery time is 3-5 business days.
What happens if you do not pick up your package?
If you do not pick up your package it will be returned to us at a charge of xx sek which will be charged to you.
Return policy

Can I return an item?
You may return an item and get a full refund*, or exchange the item, within 30 days from delivery. If you are a Swedish customer, we recommend that you fill in the Return form found on Konsumentverkets website.
*Please note that:
– The item must be in the same condition when returning it as it was when you received it
– The item must be returned with the original packaging
Do I have to pay for shipping costs?
In case of returning or exchanging items the customer will have to pay for shipping costs. If returning because of damaged goods or if the return is due to a mistake made by WEATHERGOODS, we will refund the cost for the item as well as the cost for returning it.
During sale periods and special offer we do not offer the right to return just the right to exchange the product.
Free shipping on exchange of goods. For returns, the shipping cost to return the item will be paid by the customer and deducted from repayment.
If returning because of damaged goods or if the return is due to a mistake made by WEATHERGOODS, we will refund the cost for the item as well as the cost for returning it.
How do I return an item?
If you have bought the item at a reseller we ask you to contact them for any exchange or refund.
If you are returning an item to WEATHERGOODS please contact us first so that we can send you a DHL delivery notice with the delivery address. We will then deduct the delivery cost from the amount to be credited. Alternatively you can send it by post at your own cost to the following address:
When we have received the item an approved the return, we will credit your account purchased the product with, or handle your exchange and send you the new item. If the new item is at lower cost, we will credit the difference to your account you purchased the item with.
What if there is an issue with my items?
If you discover a defect or want to file a complaint, take a picture of the damaged item and send it to [email protected]
We will get back to you via email and how to proceed. Please do not send any items back before contacting us.
In a case of exchange or return you will responsible for the item during transport/shipping.
In case of disputes, Swedish law is applicable. See further at
What are your products made of?
We have chosen to make our products (excluding our fur cuff gloves) out of Polyester Twill. The twill weave has a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs which means fewer interlacings. Fabrics with fewer interlacings are generally softer and more pliable, drape better and recover better from wrinkles. Fewer interlacings also means that yarns can be packed closer together to produce high-count fabrics. In twills the fabric is more durable and air- and water-resistant.
Our fur cuff gloves are made out of Polyester Oxford fabric. Our Polyester Oxford fabric has a basket weave structure and is slightly heavier than the twill. Polyester is hydrophobic meaning it naturally repels water. It is also lightweight, fast drying and highly UV resistant. Although a synthetic, Polyester has a smaller carbon footprint than Nylon and is almost equally as durable.
We chose to use synthetic fillers in our products because, unlike down, synthetic insulation will still provide some warmth if it gets wet. When synthetic insulation gets wet, the moisture is trapped in the air pockets between the fibers, rather than in the fibers themselves. For this reason, synthetic insulation dries much faster. Most synthetics are also completely hypoallergenic and will not cause allergies, as long as you keep them clean.
For our waterproof products a TPU membrane has been bonded to the inside of the fabric and a Durable Waterproof Repellant (DWR) has been applied to the outside. All products (excluding fur cuff model gloves) are 10 000mm waterproof. Our fur cuff gloves are 5000mm waterproof.
Our fabrics have been tested for REACH compliance and for the use of PFCs.
Where are our products made?
Our products are manufactured in China. We have chosen this option due to the competence and expertise of manufacturers making outdoor clothing and the availability of high quality technical fabrics in this region.
Privacy policy

At WEATHERGOODS we are committed to protecting our customer’s personal information from unwanted and unauthorized use which is why we have a privacy policy in place outlining how we process and protect your personal data when using our online services.
According to law, we must ask you to agree to that we handle your personal details. All details that you leave with us, or which we are given when you register for a purchase or visit our homepage, will be handled by WEATHERGOODS.
We will only collect, process and use the data that is required to perform and use our services or data that you provide to us voluntarily.
This includes processing of orders for shipping, text message notification of delivery status and sending information such as new services or other marketing offers which may be of interest to you. We would also like to notify you of any changes or updates to our services by e-mail, telephone or mail. In case of any problem with delivery of your items, we will use the information to get in contact with you. Your details may be used to monitor traffic to and from our website to help us improve the design and layout of the site. WEATHERGOODS will use this information internally for marketing purposes but will not let a third party use your personal details for marketing without your consent.
We require your data for the following purposes:
a) Create an account: To register a profile at we need your e-mail address, name and address.
b) Placing orders: To process your orders via we need your name, address, or credit card details.
c) Newsletter: To subscribe to our newsletter we will need your e-mail address.
d) Contact details: To answer your queries we will need your e-mail address.
e) Taking part in competitions: To inform the winners we need your e-mail address, name, address or telephone number.
We maintain and process your personal data in Sweden and in accordance with the Swedsih Data Protection Act.
Your data will only be stored for as long as it is required for the provision of our services or as long as is prescribed according to statutory or legal requirements.
a) We have technical measures in place to protect your data against loss, manipulation or unauthorised access by third parties.
b) For your security, we will encrypt your data, in particular with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) procedure. This means that the information is passed through a secure connection and that your card details cannot be read by external parties. For card purchases we work with an authorised payment agent CERTITRADE that helps us to check directly with your bank that the card is valid for purchases. In addition, we will occasionally require you to identify yourself by way of a user ID and password, before you can use certain services.